Dharmata Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. It is through the collective efforts of volunteers near and far that the essential teachings of the Buddha continue to reach a growing number of practitioners around the world. Your donations, small and large, provide the support required to make these opportunities available to all who seek them. There are several important ways through which you can offer essential support by donating:

Donate to Dharmata Foundation. One-time and recurring donations to help sustain all the teaching and program opportunities offered by Anam Thubten and Dharmata in the U.S. and abroad.

Teacher Dana. Donations for Anam Thubten and guest teachers.

Donate to Sweetwater Sanctuary. Sweetwater Hermitage in Big Sur, CA is a place for solitary retreats for the sangha. The funds will go directly towards restoration and maintenance of the hermitage.

Become a Member of Dharmata Foundation. Members receive access to the growing digital archives and live-streaming video of Anam Thubten’s bi-weekly teachings from Point Richmond, CA.

Contribute to our Scholarship Fund, which makes it possible for anyone, regardless of means, to attend retreats with Anam Thubten.

Vajra Sangha. Donations from Vajra Sangha members to support this specialized program.

Donations can also be made by sending a check directly to:

Dharmata Foundation
235 Washington Ave
Richmond CA 94801.

Please note the category of donation you are making in the memo line of your check (e.g. General Fund, Teacher Dana, Sweetwater Sanctuary, Vajra Sangha).

Thank you for your generosity.