Dharmata Hermitage Project

Living alone in meadows, forests, fields ornamented with flowers,
And lovely solitary groves, 
With rivers of pure water, birds calling out and mists rising.
Well then, when will that time come for me?

Shabkar (1781-1851)
Tibetan yogi

As Dharmata Sangha has grown and groups of practitioners studying
with Anam Thubten have formed throughout the US, Asia and Europe,
we have been nurturing a vision of creating small nature based
hermitages in different locations worldwide. The purpose of these
hermitages is to provide a sanctuary for sangha meditators who want to
deepen their practice through solitary retreat under the guidance of
Anam Thubten.

In December, 2015 Dharmata Foundation purchased the first Dharmata
Hermitage in the Big Sur mountains near Carmel, California.
Sweetwater Sanctuary is a magical place of majestic redwoods and
groves of oak and madrones, rocky outcroppings and wide open vistas. It is intended to be a model for future Dharmata Hermitages to be created worldwide.

Shortly after officially opening in July, 2016, much of Sweetwater Sanctuary was destroyed in the Soberanes Wildfire that burned over 130,000 acres in the Big Sur Area. To learn more about the current status of restoration efforts at the sanctuary, visit our Sweetwater Sanctuary
. If you are inspired to contribute to this effort, please .

Please contact us at hermitage@dharmata.org if you have ideas for a
hermitage in your area, land to donate, or support to offer to the
Dharmata Hermitage Project.