‘In generosity and helping others, be like a river. In compassion and grace, be like the sun.’

Dharmata Foundation is able to offer the timeless true teaching of the Buddha only through the volunteer efforts of many people. Volunteer activity provides the wonderful opportunity to participate in karma yoga, a time-honored form of selfless service that allows spiritual communities such as ours to thrive. Karma yoga/volunteer practitioners have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from the practice of giving without expectation of anything in return. As a result of that practice, the opportunity to hear the liberating truth of Dharma is extended to many others.

There are a wide variety of karma yoga duties to choose from, based on one’s interests, skills and time. Each job, large or small, contributes to the vitality and ongoing operation of Dharmata Foundation. Please consider becoming a volunteer and being a part of this rewarding practice. 

For all inquiries please contact volunteer@dharmata.org.